Terms and Conditions

Minimum numbers
All courses and programmes are subject to a minimum of 4 participants being booked onto a specific programme. For programmes where there are not sufficient numbers, participants may potentially be offered a different programme and refunded the difference in price (where applicable). If the alternative programme offered is not acceptable then a full refund will be given.

All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions. In situations where the weather affects the ability to complete the advertised activity safely, a different activity, from the programme booked, will be substituted where possible. If there is no alternative activity suitable from the programme booked on, subject to availability, participants will be given the opportunity to join an alternative programme at no extra cost or with a refund of the difference in price paid (where applicable).

Winter Weather!
As outdoor instructors we spend our lives in adverse weather conditions so it is highly unlikely for us to close. In some cases we may alter the programme and logistics to allow for adverse weather conditions. However, if due to health & Safety issues we were unable to open, there would be a full refund offered.

Deviation from the specified programme
Creative International Adventures reserve the right to change any activity or the times of activities on any specified programme. Programmes will normally be amended in conjunction with normal working hour and should not affect drop off or pick up times. If changes are made which may affect normal running times service users will be informed.

Childcare Vouchers
We can accept childcare vouchers as payment or part payment for the majority of our holiday club programmes. For more information on payment through childcare vouchers you can contact us at CI Adventures.